Which book genre makes the most money?

16 Aug , 2017 Articles

Which book genre makes the most money?

We are in the 21st century; not all book genres make money. The book genre you are selling determines how much you would make. If you are selling book genres that people don’t patronize, you won’t make much money.

However, when it comes to the book genre you want to sell, I would advise you to go for book genre that you have passion for. But you must consider also consider your target audience and what they like.

However, I have gathered information on most requested book genre. I hope that this would give you a top lead in what you want to sell.

    1. Romance novels are the top sellers in the book industry. Study shows that romance genre sold more than the other genres in the book genre industry. A befitting example of a top selling romance novel is “fifty shades of gray.” The novel is worth $60 million. Most people tend to buy romance novels online as they are too shy to buy it in the local bookstores. Study shows that romance genre gained about $1.5 billion, and I am sure that romance novels would gain more than that this year.

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  1. The crime genre is mostly built on sagas. However, the same set of characters might not be present in every part of the series. Although there is always a protagonist that the readers are very familiar with. Crime genre is also a very popular genre. John Grisham is one of the crime genre big authors. He has a net worth of $200 million. The popular crime book “the girl with the dragon tattoo” is worth $50 million. Even after the death of the novel’s author, the publishers of the novel hired a ghost writer to continue the series and make more money.
  2. Religious or inspirational. Religious and inspirational books are also one of the top selling book genres. The bible for instance is ultimate bestseller. Making it the world’s most translated and distributed book. If you are very good in writing inspirational books, it’s time to put more effort to writing more of it. As of 2012, religious and inspirational book genre made estimated revenue of $720 million.
  3. Science fiction and fantasy. With the world advancing, science fiction books are also advancing. Study shows that the fantasy genre is worth $590 million. Just like crime, fantasies are mostly built on sagas. This fact as so much to do with its popularity. Examples of popular fantasies are “lord of the rings,” “Game of the thrones” and “Harry Potter.”